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Landed in Accra

Akwaaba (welcome)! After a ten and a half hour flight from JFK, I was speechless and humbled as we landed in Kotoka International Airport. Never in a million years did I think I would go to Africa, but here I am as a college undergrad! It all hit me right when we landed. Just for tonight, I am staying at the CFHI Accra house. Spending the night here in Accra without power was very interesting. I also had to learn to conserve water (something I take for granted and tend to waste in the US). I also had to learn to sleep in the heat. I had African rice with chicken for dinner.The people here are very friendly and I am very excited for the next couple of weeks! Tomorrow we head to Cape Coast!

A picture of the Accra accommodation. Pictured in the background is Roland who is one of the coordinators. Very nice and lovely guy to talk to (especially about soccer)!


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