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Accra to Cape Coast

The day started with meeting a few more people from different programs of CFHI. At approximately noon, we headed towards Cape Coast which was about a two and half to three hour drive (highway was only one lane). After we arrived, we immediately went out with our coordinator Georgina (Geegy) to explore the city. We saw many places like the Gulf of Guinea (beach), a castle, the supermarket (bought water, parle-g cookies, and mango juice), and the Cape Coast Stadium. We ran across many people. The kids were very friendly and would wave their hands at us as we were greeting them. We then ate dinner back at home and had chicken, Ghanaian, and some French fries. In particular, the stew was my favorite! Tomorrow will be my first day of my first rotation and I’m looking forward to it!

This is a picture from the inside of the Cape Coast Stadium in Abura. I wish I could’ve ran a few laps around the track!


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