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1st Day of Rotations

Today was my very first day at the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital. I went to the hospital at 9 this morning and was given a tour by Madam Beatrice. We were shown all the different wards. Afterwards, the director of the hospital gave me my first rotation assignment. For the first two weeks, I will be in the pediatrics unit of the hospital. Today I was with nurse Desiree where she showed me around the place and I was then tasked to document and enter vitals and patient summaries on the computer system and in a very big book that has all the patients in the pediatrics ward since March. It’s very interesting how in the US, everything is digital. It’s the complete opposite here. There was only one laptop available to share amongst the nurses and I was the main holder of it today. We got home at around 3:00 where I called my mom and grandparents where I told them about my day. In the evening, me and my cohort had dinner and some of us played a game of spoons (cards). We then spent time with our coordinator Georgina where me and another member of the cohort introduced Bollywood music to her. She briefly discussed Ghanain culture to us. There are 10 regions (states) in Ghana. Tomorrow, I will be continuing with the pediatrics portion of the hospital!


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