Day #2 of Pediatrics

Today’s day began with a 2 hour child mortality meeting with the Ghanain medical students. We discussed 10 different cases including asphyxia and bilirubin encephalopathy to name a few. Many of these cases contained children who only lived for about a few days. This was very upsetting to see. After the meeting, I resumed my work with the nurses logging in vitals and other patient data. Many of the patients were familiar from yesterday so I was aware of their diagnosis and medications. It was nice for me to get a scope of how the doctor progressed with the medications. I also met Emmanuel, a three month old child who was admitted for bronchopneumonia. He was a happy little guy despite being very sick. His mother and I had a brief conversation. She told me that she wants Emmanuel to either be a soldier or a doctor in the US. It’s great to see that Ghanaians have very high aspirations despite the environment and living conditions. I then did more work and then went home at 3:00. Today was a very relaxed evening as many people in my cohort had work to do including me. I have been noting down different diseases and medications that have come along my way. I find myself researching more about these things at home. Tomorrow, I hope to explore Cape Coast a bit more and also interact with the neighbors!

This is Emmanuel. He was a very cute little guy!

This is a picture of the outside of the hospital. Definitely feels more like a college campus than a hospital. The different buildings represent the many unique wards.


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  1. liked that bit about Emmanual. He definitely appears to be a happy child. My love and best wishes to him. I loved the way you talked about him and his mother midst the names of diseases. Your blog is sure to increase my knowledge about the names of diseases. the hospital premises looks quite green and neat.

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