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Working and Wandering

Today at the hospital, we continued our child mortality meeting from yesterday with the Ghanaian medical students and residents. Many similar diagnoses were present from yesterday which got me thinking: so these diseases have no treatment or does Ghana lack the proper treatment. Plus, are these diseases prevalent in the US and if so, what measures are they taking? Afterwards, I continued my rotation at pediatrics and saw some new children being admitted today. I had rice for lunch today again which has been a very common theme since I’ve been here. A lot of carb loading goes on here. After work today, I went home and relaxed a bit after a long shift. In the evening, me and a few of my friends in my cohort went out to do a little sight seeing. On the way, I stopped by the supermarket to pick up some water bottle and snacks. Water had been a big challenge for me since getting here since Ghana does not provide clean water. I’ve even had to brush my teeth with bottled water and close my mouth while showering. I think I’ve gotten used to it now though! After the supermarket, we walked along the road next to the beach and took some photos. We were even able to see some dancing and other cultural traditions which was extremely cool. Unfortunately, the sun sets here quite early so we had to go home. But nonetheless, it was very nice to soak up a beach scenery after a long days at work!

Beach view just next to the Cape Coast Castle!

Front entrance of the hospital.


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