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Close Community of Cape Coast

Today was a very normal day with some excitement at work! The day started off with the mortality meeting as usual. The different Ghanaian medical students are responsible for presenting different cases to the group and I have actively been engaged in the discussions. The rounds along with busy vitals and patient history documenting began shortly after the meeting. However, today presented a different vibe during the rounds because many of the medical students, doctors, nurses, patients/families, and me were glued onto the TV/radio as the finals of the National Science and Math Quiz competition of Ghana was being held in Accra. Many of the staff members would watch when they had a small break or when they weren’t busy. The event was broadcasted on the news channel which implied to me that this was an extremely important competition. It was even more interesting as St. Augustine College, a high school in Cape Coast, was competing in the finals. Everyone in the hospital was behind their back rooting for them as they answered many tough questions correctly. I was very impressed with their knowledge! St. Augustine ended up winning and everyone in the hospital was celebrating. It was at this moment that I realized how close of a community Cape Coast is despite having a large population in a small area. Back at home, I was busy catching up and reading over all the notes I took at the hospital the last two days (slow internet yesterday). The power just went out here at the house so I will sign off and conserve my phone battery! Tomorrow may be my last day in the pediatric ward as I requested the director to work in the pediatric outpatient clinic next week.

This is a picture of the science and math competition that was held today. These two people represented St. Augustine and the city of Cape Coast in a very dignified way.


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