Last Day of Inpatient Pediatrics

As indicated by the title, the head of the pediatrics ward was able to get me into outpatient pediatrics rotation next week! Based on what I’ve observed in inpatient settings here in Ghana and in the U.S, I think my interest lies more in outpatient care. Today was a normal day again starting out with the child mortality meeting. We had some interesting cases. In particular, we had one case where a kid had psoriasis and was prescribed a topical treatment. However, the mom applied the topical treatment by washing her hands in dirty water. The child developed sepsis, a bacterial infection of the bloodstream that leads to organ damage and even death. The child was essentially killed by her mother which was so upsetting to hear. Water quality is an extremely important public health burden. We need to advocate on this issue so that cases like this don’t exist in the future. After the mortality meeting, the rounds and documenting began as usual. The power went out quite a few times today. You could feel the humidity in the building as there is no air conditioning as well. I think it’s important to note that not only is access to health care important, but also quality of health care matters a lot. Ghana health systems don’t have adequate health facilities and it’s important that they have funds to improve the environment of the hospitals. Overall, today was a great day to delve into the public health side of my internship. Ghana has made a lot of advances over the past few decades in their health system, but they have the potential to do better and as a public health student, I hope I can raise awareness on this issue along with other public health students and faculty at Ohio State. Tonight, I went to the city with my cohort to explore a bit of culture and night life in Cape Coast. We went to a local club right next to the beach. They had an African dance show and the guys performed so well. In fact, they invited many people from the audience to come up and learn their dance. I was one of those people. I was definitely embarrassed because I’m a very horrible dancer but at the end of the day, I give myself an A for effort. In fact, I am actually so grateful for those guys because they pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me try something new. I also had a lot of fun doing it and the crowd acknowledged my effort! Now it is time to get some much needed rest because it’s the weekend and I can finally catch up on some sleep!

I finally was able to get a picture of our mortality meeting. The meeting consists of residents and medical students. Dr. Okai (far right) has been a practicing physician for 16 years and he definitely challenged all of us to think critically during each case. He would always ask all of us to come up with a diagnosis for each case.

Just a casual picture of me in the hospital. The two different buildings in the background represent two different wards. There are a lot of palm trees in Cape Coast which is always nice to see!

This is the African dance group from the night club. They were extremely good!


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  1. happy that you enjoyed the dance performance. Shashank , I feel really good to read your posts. You are managing your time so well, learning not only on medical front but also knowing the place as well as exploring yourself too.


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