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It’s the Weekend!

It’s finally the weekend so I get a small break from my rotations at the teaching hospital. Today me and my cohort drove about 45 minutes north of Cape Coast to Kakum National Park. According to our tour guide Kofi, the park has been around since 1992 and many of the insects are nocturnal. The park offered several different options for hiking. According to Kofi, The canopy tours was the most popular option so me and my cohort decided to do that. We ventured across seven different canopies. Each canopy was very skinny and about 130 feet above the ground. There were some people that were extremely scared but somehow it didn’t hit me. I was able to make it through without a sweat (aside from the humidity)! The views were absolutely phenomenal and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Ghana. After Kakum, my cohort and I went to Hans cottage, a nice resort to have some food. I was not very hungry but I was very keen on trying some pineapple ginger juice. Personally, I thought it tasted very good but it has a very sweet aftertaste in my opinion. There was an activity that we wanted to do at the cottage but we were a little too late. We will plan to do it in the coming weeks and for now, I will keep it a surprise! Afterwards, we went home to eat dinner and hung out with Geegy. Throughout the day, our taxi driver Joseph was with us and I’m extremely thankful that he stuck with us the entire day. He and all of us will now take some rest tonight as we will all head out again tomorrow to do some more sightseeing!

A picture of one of the seven canopies. I truly enjoyed the greenery scenes on all of the canopies! The planks were so skinny that it felt like you were walking on the balance beam.

A picture of our cohort! One of our members departed today to go back to the U.S. as her program time was up. We will most likely have two more people join us next Saturday so our cohort will get bigger again!

This is Hans cottage. The place was super nice and it had lodging, a pool, and other fun activities. We will definitely visit again to do an activity (surprise for now)! The water is so clean and you can see the beautiful reflections perfectly!


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