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1st Day at the Public Health Department

Today’s blog won’t be too long. My fever was a lot better but my throat was hurting. I went to see an ENT specialist and he gave me some antibiotics so hopefully I should recover in the next few days. I startedmy new rotation at the public health family planning clinic today. However, I was only there for a few hours due to my illness. I attempted to learn a few things but many things went over my head so I apologize if this post is a bit ambiguous. In the morning, I was first greeted by Chandi from the outreach last week. He introduced me to all the other staff members in the department. The family planning clinic is where families can decide the number of children they want as well as the frequency (how far apart should each child be). Families can sit down with somebody from the clinic to discuss the methods of achieving their ambitions. The clinic supports the health and community which I found to admire today. Furthermore, the clinic also offers vaccinations to neonatal and infants at a very low cost. Every mother is given a book when they have a new child from the Ghana Health Services. The book highlights many things such as nutrition, vaccination charts, breastfeeding tips (very common in Ghana), and other things to ensure a healthy life for the child. I am excited to see what the rest of the week has to offer at the clinic. It’s good to get a break from the medicine side and explore more into my undergraduate coursework. Hopefully, my throat allows me to go to work tomorrow so I will sign off and get some rest!

This is a picture of the maternal and child health book that I mentioned earlier. It is very informative and self explanatory to those who are proficient in English. For those who prefer to speak the local language, the clinic helps to clarify material in this book.


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