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Family Planning Clinic Day #2

Hello everyone, my apologies for not blogging yesterday. I decided not go to the hospital yesterday and decided to recover a bit. I’m feeling a lot better now so I was able to go back to work today! Today, I was able to watch a contraceptive implant procedure. We had one person who was beginning it and another person who was finishing it. This is one of several methods that the family planning clinic offers to control pregnancy in women. A small capsule is injected in a woman for three years. Afterwards, the woman comes back to the hospital to get it removed since it’s no longer effective at that point. I also was with Afua today where she counseled different people about all the family planning options. There weren’t many people today (Monday and Wednesday tend to be the lighter days at the clinic) so there wasn’t much else to do. However, I do have some exciting news! Tomorrow, I will be going to the Ghana radio broadcasting station where I will be talking and educating the locals about hepatitis. July 28th is World Hepatitis Day so I will be doing this show along with three other staff members to raise awareness on a disease that is the second leading causes of death in the country! I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening doing some research and preparing for the radio show. The show will happen tomorrow at 11:00AM local time on Ghana Broadcasting Cooperation 92.5MHz so feel free to tune in if you would like to listen. Of course, I will update you all tomorrow about how the show went. See you all then!

This is a picture of the family planning record book that’s given to every person. The formatting and content is very similar to a patient portal. I will try to get some more pictures tomorrow so stay tuned!

7/23/19 and 7/24/19

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