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World Hepatitis Day Radio Show

Today was a very great day. Earlier this morning, I was at the hospital to observe a ritual clinic. I didn’t get to watch a whole lot since I was with other people discussing the outline for the radio show. At around 10:30 in the morning, I went along with three other nurses and public health officers who work at the teaching hospital to the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation radio station to give a one hour segment regarding hepatitis. Sunday, July 28th is World Hepatitis Day so we spoke on the radio today to raise awareness on the issue since Ghana is a high prevalence country (more than 8% of the country has some form of hepatitis). We talked about the history, causes, symptoms, and then I was responsible for discussing the prevention and management of the disease. Oddly enough, I wasn’t nervous throughout the show since public speaking is not a big issue for me. I talked about the importance of being vaccinated and screened for hepatitis. Unfortunately, many people are not well educated on the disease in Ghana so as long as we were able to impact one person today, I would say it was a job well done! More than 325 million people around the world have hepatitis. I think one way to reduce this number is to do more radio shows like this to raise more awareness. A big issue that I found out regarding the radio show is that the areas we were trying to target may not have had access to a working radio so another solution would be to physically go to these communities to educate about different diseases. Overall, I was able to successfully check another thing off my bucket list! I never imagined that I would be speaking in a radio show with over 10,000 people listening. I want to thank Clifford for giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity! I learned so much from this experience and had a great time doing it. Tomorrow is my last day in the public health family planning clinic so I will see you all then!

Here are some pictures from the radio show today! Majority of the event was spoken in the local language (Fante) but I was able to understand some of it as I did countless hours of research last night and also was able to pick up a few phrases each sentence. I am beyond thankful and grateful once again for this opportunity!

I ran into Chandi again today and have been with him for a good part of this week. He was actually at an outreach event today that I was initially going to go to but I instead opted to do the radio show which was hands down the best decision. Also ladies, he is on the market and is ready to mingle!

This is a photo of the ritual clinic. It was very busy this morning but I didn’t get to observe a whole lot. They did reviews for HIV and TB today.


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  1. well. that really was a great opportunity. You already started picking up on Fante! that’s very impressive, Shashank. Chandi is one person from there about whom you talk frequently. Good to see that you are mingling so nicely with them. Hope now your health is perfectly fine.

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  2. Good to listen to the show and see the pictures. Very informative discussion. I also enjoyed the light humor. Keep up the good work👍

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