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Last Day at the Public Health Clinic

Hello everybody, hope you are all doing wonderful! Today was my last day in the public health family planning clinic and it was a good day. The family planning clinic has three different sections based on what I’ve observed: a procedure unit, a pediatric area, and an adult area. On Wednesday, I was more involved in the adult and procedure area where I saw a contraceptive implant procedure as well as some family planning counseling. Definitely read Wednesday’s post, “Family Planning Clinic Day #2,” if you want to know more about it! Today, I was immersed in the pediatric area of the clinic where I started out at the registration desk. I assisted a nurse who was working there with some paper work as she would ask questions to the parents. These questions included topics such as the use of mosquito nets, breastfeeding, and more. Based on their answers, we were able to advise them on ways to keep their child healthy. One way of course is vaccines. The maternal child and health book (see Monday’s post for a picture) has info for all the recommended vaccines at different ages. In the late morning and early afternoon, I helped two other nurses with some vaccination documentation. We would tell the parents what shots their child would get as well as when to follow up for the next round of vaccines. Immunizations are very vital for primary prevention. Primary prevention is the prevention of disease before the disease onsets. Towards the end of the day, Clifford showed me how to read an HIV and malaria test screening. This is a great example of secondary prevention, which is the minimization of the disease when it has occurred in the early stages. Screenings can detect these diseases at an early stage so that proper treatment is administered. In tertiary prevention, the long term stages of a disease are managed. In the family planning clinic, there are support groups and counseling to help people live a happy and healthy life. The community of Cape Coast is very close so that helps a lot. In public health, a great intervention has all three of these degrees of prevention so I think the family planning clinic gets a big thumbs up!Overall, I enjoyed my week in the public health department and I cannot believe that I only have one more week in the hospital! This weekend, I have a few things that I hope to do so I will see you all then!

I didn’t take any pictures today, sorry! This is actually a picture of a view outside the radio station. I know I put a lot of pictures on yesterday’s blog post so I thought I would put another one!


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