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Checking off the Bucket List

Hello everybody, I have some exciting stuff to share with you all including the surprise I mentioned a few weeks ago. Before I share that, I want to first of all say that today is World Hepatitis Day! 80% of people living with hepatitis lack prevention, testing, and treatment. Hopefully we can reduce this number in the future and spread awareness about the disease. The radio show that I was a part of (see Thursday’s blog) is one way we can get the message out there. Onwards with today. At around 10:00 this morning, I called Jacob and asked him to take me back to Hans cottage. You may remember my voyage there two weeks ago. I mentioned that there was something that I wanted to do but wasn’t able to since it was closed. I’ve kept that activity a surprise until now. Today, I got to pet a crocodile at the cottage! His name was Obo and he was a very big crocodile. Frederick escorted me to Obo and he explained how he’s a West African crocodile who primarily gets his food from the air by opening his mouth. In addition, fish and chicken are also added to his diet. Because he was very satiated, Frederick explained that he is very lazy and feeble and thus he doesn’t bite. As I was petting Obo, his back was actually quite soft yet scaly. I was anticipating it to be very hard. Needless to say, I cannot believe that I actually got to touch a crocodile. This was a huge bucket list moment for me! Many of you have asked if I would be going on an African safari. Unfortunately, the closest safari is about 400 kilometers from Cape Coast so it would’ve required more time than I had available. However, petting the crocodile today definitely made up for it! After the crocodile exhibit, Frederick showed me a tree filled with many egret and warbler birds. It was so beautiful and amazing to hear their chirping sounds. After seeing everything in Hans cottage, Jacob took me back home. On the way back, he pointed out a few more places to me and also taught me a few words in Fante! He also mentioned that on the first Friday of September, their is a festival called Orange Friday where everyone wears orange for head to toe. I only wish I could’ve been here during that time. Back at the house, I spent the afternoon relaxing for the most part. At around 4:00, I decided to go and take a hike around Cape Coast. I stopped by the beach to soak up the breathtaking views. Furthermore, I got to watch some kids play soccer and I really got to immerse myself in Ghanaian culture. Overall, today was a very good day! Tomorrow, I begin my final rotation at the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital. I am still unsure where exactly I will be placed but I’ll be sure to update you all soon. For now, I hope you guys enjoy these pictures!

Here are some pictures of me with my new buddy Obo. If you look closely, you’ll notice that there is a tooth that is beginning to come out. Frederick said this happened as he was competing with other males for food and resources.

Here is a picture of a tree filled with egrets. There were so many of them and it was a beautiful sight. The second picture is a nest that was made by the egrets!

A wonderful view of the beach!

Many of you requested a picture of a street in Cape Coast. This street is right next to the Oasis Beach Resort.


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  1. This really sounded like a very enjoyable day and I am very happy for you. Petting Obo , that definitely must have been different kind of experience. Do you know behind our home we have one crocodile park It is kind of research center……….. Kukrail crocodile park. Thogh I have not visited it for a long time but used to take Betu, Chhotu when they were kids.
    Egret and their nest. … The home building expertise and art of birds is very interestin and amazing too. Enjoyed this one thoroughly .

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