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Beginning of the Final Rotation

This week, I was hoping to do work more in the outpatient delivery unit. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to get a spot in the OPD unit. However, I am back at the inpatient wards but instead of pediatrics, I am now working in the male internal medicine ward for this week. I was first introduced to Ezekiel, a nurse at the male medical ward. He gave me and four other nursing students a tour of the ward. Afterwards, I basically shadowed Ezekiel and helped him out with any duties he had. I assisted another nurse with some vitals measurements. Furthermore, I checked up on each patient in the ward to make sure they were doing okay. This is sort of similar to what I would do at Grant Medical Center back in Ohio. Back at the house, Dominic, the nurse from the hospital, came over again to talk more about the CHPS compound. There are some principles that the CHPS services must abide to. They first believe that community participation and empowerment is critical. Second, they must focus on community needs to determine the health “package.” As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, many different areas will have some diseases that are more prevalent than others due to environmental and cultural factors. The third principle states that health services should use a holistic approach in order to target more people. Finally, community health should act as a leader and mobilizer. The nurses that work at CHPS unfortunately don’t get paid much which is why many of the facilities are understaffed. Although, I do appreciate Ghana’s efforts to making healthcare more accessible to the people. I will leave it on this note and will see you all tomorrow when I will hopefully be joining a firm with medical students and doctors as I go on rounds with them.

I didn’t take any pictures today so please enjoy this picture of town square that I took yesterday when I was exploring Cape Coast. It is essentially the equivalent of Independence Square in Accra.


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