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Rounds at the Medical Wards

Today, I was paired up with Dr. Lovi’s team on their rounds through the male and female medical wards. Dr. Lovi is the head doctor of the team and in addition to him, there are medical students and residents that are a part of his team. Each student/resident would be assigned to a patient or two and they would have to give an update on how the patient is doing and what medications they’re on. Based on their diagnosis and medications, the whole team will decide what the next steps will be. Including me, there were about eight other students who were responsible for presenting different cases. The experience was very beneficial for me as Dr. Lovi would take the time to explain everything to me. Today we saw some cases such as pneumonia, complicated hypertension, and complicated diabetes. These are actually the most common cases in the adult wards. The pediatric ward dealt with different diseases and infections such as malaria. After going on my rounds, I ended up with Dr. Armah for the rest of the day. He was a very nice and caring person. Overall, today was a much more observational day compared to yesterday. Before I close out today’s post, I do want to talk about the food here in Ghana since I haven’t really discussed it. In my opinion, I would not recommend coming to Ghana if you’re planning to have a big appetite. I definitely do miss my meals at home but I know I’ll be back home soon! I didn’t take any good pictures today as we had to deal with some emergency situations in the hospital today.

Here is a picture of the canteen (cafeteria) if the teaching hospital. The workers their definitely know my face very well now so they usually don’t have to ask me what I want to eat!


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