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Working and Letting Loose

At around 8:15 AM this morning, Dr. Lovi’s team began their rounds. Many of the patients that we saw were follow ups from yesterday. After the rounds this morning, I was supposed to be with Dr. Armah again but he disappeared when we dispersed after rounds. After an hour or so, I found him and he said that he was going to leave since he has to work the overnight shift tonight. Today was definitely a very light day in the hospital. In the afternoon, the cohort and I went to a resort for lunch in Mfantsipim. The food was really good and the views outside the restaurant were breathtaking. Afterwards, some of the cohort members went to get ice cream next to Kotokraba market. That area is perhaps the busiest section of Cape Coast. The traffic here doesn’t compare at all to India even though it’s worse than Ohio traffic. Today’s blog will be very short so I’ll leave it at this. Tomorrow will be my last full day at the hospital and in Cape Coast.

This is a view from the resort today. The city is in the far back on the left hand side (it’s very difficult to see in this picture).

Of course I had to get a picture of the pool here. I was very tempted to jump in the pool especially since the humidity is very high here in Ghana. Although, it’s not very hot outside since July is one of Ghana’s cooler months. It’s winter here!


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  1. Nice views! I bet you wanted to swim in that pool so bad! Looks very inviting to jump right in and start doing laps😊


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