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Last Day in Cape Coast

Today was my last full day in Cape Coast. The hospital was very busy today. I was once again with Dr. Armah. He was in the hospital overnight and was there until the afternoon today. He told me that he’s gone two full days without any sleep. At around 8:00 AM when I saw him this morning, he was finishing up some notes. Afterwards, we both went to review and examine some patients. Dr. Armah taught me to four stages of patient examination: inspection, palpation, percussion, and auscultation. First, you inspect and observe the patient. Then, you must touch them in the palpation stage either with a little or a lot of pressure. Percussion can give information in regards to tissue makeup and tenderness. Finally, the chest is listened to during auscultation. Dr. Armah had a few patients in the emergency department. We had some more new cases today and I’m so grateful for Dr. Armah as he takes the time to explain everything to me. At around 11:00, we had rounds. Normally, we do these first thing in the morning but however, some members of the team had meetings in the morning. In the afternoon back at the house, Dominic cane in today to talk about family planning and palliative care. For those who don’t know, palliative care is when care is provided for those patients who may not make it alive. Ghana doesn’t have a proper palliative care team in Cape Coast but they do at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra. Dominic told us that he’s had to be very calm when delivering troubling news to patients and their families. In terms of family planning, we had a great discussion about women’s health. In Ghana, abortion is unacceptable unless a person has been raped. The Planned Parenthood Association (PPAG) offers safe options for those women who choose to go through abortion. They also educate people in order for them to make informed decisions. Overall, Ghana does a very good job catering to maternal health. Their healthcare system is definitely taking steps in the right direction. Tomorrow, I will be working in the morning only since I leave to Accra tomorrow afternoon.

I never took a picture of food here in Ghana so here is a picture of yams (fries) with stew and fried chicken. This is a signature dish in the country.


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