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Last Day in Ghana!

This morning, me and my friend Tania woke up and had a wide range of emotions! We were sad that our time in Ghana was up but we were equally excited to go home and embrace our loved ones who were anxiously waiting to hear about our journey. This morning, I attempted to sleep in a bit since I didn’t have to worry about waking up early for my rounds at the hospital. However, from my four weeks here in Ghana, I’ve learned that it is very difficult to sleep past 7AM since everyone here gets up extremely early. In the late morning and early afternoon, my friend, uncle, and I watched a Bollywood movie. In the afternoon, we went back to the Accra Arts Center to do some shopping. Back at the house, we had some dinner and departed to Kotoka International Airport. My flight was about an hour after Tania’s flight so we were able to chat for a bit at the gates before parting ways. I want to thank my uncle from the bottom of my heart for graciously allowing Tania and I to lodge at his guest house. He made us feel at home and was also very helpful when bargaining at the arts center! Also, I want to thank Tania and the rest of my cohort for making my stay here amazing. I will reflect more about my stay soon. I am currently on the plane right now and must switch my phone to airplane mode so I will see you all soon!

A picture of the famous and iconic African masks.

A selfie with uncle and Tania, my new older sister! I enjoyed their presence in Accra and hope to see them in the future!


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