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Home Sweet Home

The ten hour flight from Accra wasn’t as bad as I was expecting considering I slept during some of those hours. Furthermore, I was able to speak to the person sitting next to me. She was from Kumasi (Ashanti Region of Ghana) and she mentioned to me that this was her first time going to the United States. She was quite excited especially since she was connecting to Las Vegas! At around 6:00 AM this morning, I landed in New York’s JFK International Airport. JFK airport definitely wins the award for the most confusing airport as I was lost (if you know me very well, I’m usually good at navigating my way through obstacles). I had to ask different staff members directions to a terminal. There was another man who was also going to the same terminal as me so we stayed together all the way until security. The man was a former U.S. veteran and he served the country for 23 years. Now, he is a retired veteran and is currently a high school teacher. He was returning home from Kumasi where he spent the summer with his parents. I certainly enjoyed his company and presence! It’s always nice when I get the opportunity to interact with other people during any part of my travels. At around 10 AM, my flight left from JFK towards Columbus! As the wheels hit the tarmac of John Glenn International Airport, I was extremely excited to see my family! I quickly went to baggage claim to get my bags and quickly headed to the parking lot to see my loved ones. I was warmly greeted by my mom and grandparents. As much as I miss Ghana, I deeply missed all my friends and family here in Ohio and I quickly reconnected with everyone. I was craving some Graeter’s ice cream since I didn’t have a single dessert or sweet in Ghana. I am definitely sleep deprived so I will sign off here and get some much needed rest. I don’t have to worry anymore about street vendors yelling at 6AM and can peacefully sleep in! Tomorrow I will do an overall analysis and reflection of my four week trip to Ghana so I will see you all then.

This is a picture of a nice sunrise as we were approaching JFK airport. It was a very beautiful scenery!
I got my ice cream after a month without having any sweets! My stomach is definitely very happy right now.


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  1. Hey Shashank that icecream cone again reminded me of our time there at Columbus . Your navigating skill that part somehow reminded me of the the tours of your university and other local places you took us for.You certainly are good at guiding others too. Enjoy you time.


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